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søndag 30 mars 2008

The Geert Wilders bleeding-nose party-trick

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The trick goes like this.

You go to a party, being tiny and small. You that is, not the party. Find the person among the participants who seems most likely to get provocated by anything. Ask him in a serious tone why his nose looks like your balls did the last time you had a bath in a cold norwegian mountain pool. Or tell him (if he’s not single) that the lady he brought with him is very beautiful, that the reflection in her eyes tells you that she’s into anal-sex, and could you buy her for half an hour?

Something like that.

If you come home from the party without any scars, bruises and/or broken knuckles, the trick you tried to pull did not succeed.

It seems quite easy to use the argument of free speech for every rotten piece of bullshit uttered to people you don’t have to look in the eye while uttering, huh? Free speech. It’s everything. It’s like cushioning the fist of your insultee away from your nose. You only used your freedom of speech to utter your meaning. You can’t do nothing about his sore and thin skin, can you? No. But his fist is hard, right? Yes. A most welcomed blue eye may be your reward.

Sure, this trick could have some downsides to it too. You could be unlucky with your voice, and the hard-fisted guy you tried to pull the trick on might have a weird sense of humor due to something he just smoked or snorted. So your trick unfortunately went into a big laugh, a pat on your shoulder and a full glass in your hand. Shit happens.

As I have said before. The freedom of speech is not the right to offend. Yes, you might argue your cause. Yes, you might still mock your opponent for his meaning. But that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to mock and insult his family, friends, or the whole population of the city he comes from. Not without meeting hard fists. Hard fists that say: splash! We have done you no harm. Splosh! One of us has, but not all of us, so why do you insult us? Splash!

I would honestly prefer not to be bothered making two brain cells fire together to constitute some sympathy for you.

As I would not for Jyllands-posten:
Jyllands-postens last printing of the Westergaard-drawing, insulting millions of muslim around the earth due to the ill-deeds of a few have-nots shows mere stupidity, appearing as the signal of someone who is yearning for a broken nose and a blue eye.

As I would not for Geert Wilders:
Making one of the most stupid movies I’ve ever seen, and publishing it on the internet. The movie is possibly an insult to some of the muslims of the world. The most extreme ones might even put a bullet into his head. As I should be doing myself due to this outrageous insulting of my intelligence. But alas, it’s so freaking appearant that mr. Wilders is trying to commit suicide with this stupid party-trick of his own speciality; the movie Fitna. Just another blood-stained martyr for the freedom of stupidity. As I said: the firing of brain-cells making this text is just about the energy I’m going to put into attention for Geert Wilders (others have burned calories too). I surely hope you didn’t misread «attention» with «sympathy» – it’s none of the latter.

Even in my own country, Norway, the fans of Geert Wilders are rejoicing over his «impressive» party-trick. Is Europe again turning into persecution of an ethnic group? The seeds are planted. One fist here in the name of freedom of speech, one fist there in the name of religious freedom from secular extremism. Violence breeds violence. Business as usual. Shazia has written about it too. And Marte Michelet.

I still wonder: Is common sense really so hard to get?


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  1. Oh my god! You are BANG on man!!! All respect to you. What a wonderful way to put it. I feel like banging my head in the wall, trying to reason with the arch-stupid muslim-haters on db.no. Oh….i litteraly pull out my hair. Or feel like pulling someone elses!

    The thing is, I just can’t afford to not have an opinion and say anything. Imagine that my children are growing up in the hostile enviroment. Unbareable.

    Glad though that norwegians are lovely people. And such braindead stupid people are a small minority. (However, we have to stop the madness) It is heartbreaking!

    Kommentar av shazia — mandag 31 mars 2008 @ 23:22

  2. Shazia;
    Thanx for the compliments, and all respect right back at ya.

    MOST norwegians are fine people. SOME are just rotten all the way through.

    I surely hope your kids don’t have to experience too much hostility. It starts with the kids, and I am myself very awake in transferring tolerance for the differences among people we meet in our way. Respect works both ways in all situations.


    Kommentar av Goredom — fredag 4 april 2008 @ 18:34

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