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fredag 7 juni 2002

Summer Thoughts

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I’m idling. My present geographical position is at the mid-norwegian coast-line, on an island called Hitra. I sit at the patio, listening to remote sea-gulls, yelling for food or whatever. The house is behind my back. In front of me the ship-path leading either to the north of Norway, or to the south, with what seems to be no limit, Bergen, Scotland, England, Denmark, USA, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, or whatever you may think of.

The view here is quite spectacular right now. Behind the house and my back, the sun is sinking into the sea in the west. In front of me is a long chain of mountains coloured red by the sinking sun, in front of them a small island named Hemnskjel, with knolly mounts pitching rigt upp from the sea. The houses on Hemnskjel are mirrored on the quiet peaceful surface of the ocean. Huge masses of salt water, somewhat it looks clean, and I want it to stay that way – badly.

Today I’ve been carpenting. The house is my parents’. It was built in 1936 and has not been developed much since then but for some normal maintenance. They bought it three years ago, and they’ve had a LOT of work to do since then. The bathroom is now all new, as is the kitchen. And the living – room. Last summer two of the exterior walls were rebuilt, new isolation, asphalt plates and new wooden panel. New patio, new windows. I did my share of the work, I tell you…. This year there are the two remaining walls. My father has tored up the panel and so on, so now it’s just skeleton left. We’re putting in new isolation, and my job is to put up the rough wood to nail the wooden panel onto. A heavy job it is, alot of climbing, sawing, and 4 inch nails to hammer into the wall. After some time with that, it’s time to put some white paint on the panels, then nail them to the wall, put some yellow paint on, then tha outer boards, then some yellow again. Voila! New wall! Warm House! New windows!

My body is over 30. You can see that by the lots of scars on my fingers and hands from knives I’ve used during my years as a tool-working man. You can also see it by looking at my belly which I think will never come back to its old flat-shaped look. Now it is somewhat big I think. God knows what woman would look upon me and think I’m a sexy guy. Bless her, the one…. My body is turning brown nowadays, though, working outside as I am. The sun is working on it, while I’m working like a dog, not eating too much fat food. Some beer, though, due to the hot climate I’m living in. God bless my belly.

The sky is blue, I’m sitting outside, it is 23:00 and still over 20 degrees celsius outside. My kids are asleep, it is quiet here, except some birds, and some ships passing by on their way to wherever, and some motorboats passing by. The trees and plants are green, shadows rising. Life is good, I think, even though I’m out of work recently, dumped my girlfriend not so recently, and not quite sure what the future will bring upon me.

I will stay out here a couple of weeks, just to work on the house and bring some distance to the things that’s been bothering my mind lately. Then I will travel for some weeks, before I go to heavy search for some employment. I’ve got 4 months to do so. 5 if I count my holidays. Good luck to me! Cheers!

The mosquitos are killing me. They’re taking the night-watch. Here is a special tiny bastard called KNOTT, where you pronounce the K, they’re 2-3 mm, and a real hell to come out for. The normal mosquito you can see, these bastards you don’t, and they’re coming in large crowds feasting on my blood. Fortunately I’m not very allergic, so it’s just the single sting that’s bothering me, not allergic reactions in the aftermath of their attacks. So, now I quit the writing of tonight, and leave the mosquitos to the company of the birds and the deers living in the woods behind the house, further into the island. I still think, and therefore I still am. Thanks for your attention, whoever you are.

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